Of Beginnings and Beyond

Monday, February 26, 2007


From the bedroom balcony down to the kitchen window this is what I see.
To where the office is at and living room you see nature.
Oranges everywhere and a scenic view of the mountains while Mr. Squirrel passes by,
What more can I not want. Nature is just a few arms stretch for me.
When I take mt morning walks, I surrounded by nature...
You hear the bird chirping and singing their morning lullabies
While the flowers start blooming and other just glazing at the sun.
The squirrels, dogs, cats and butterflies are my witness to a great start.

As I cast my troubles through the wind and let them bring it wherever they pleases.
Helps me to remember that I am just a human being who will be hurt, love and be please.
One way or another I will always feel this way, anytime of the day or month and sometimes it will go away.
Troubles, feeling down, happiness and appreciation are just some of the feelings that surrounds us.
As I make my way to my castle, Eric and Garfield are some of the early risers who always greets me with a great "meow."
As simple as that makes my day a great one and thankful for another day that I see my family, feel the warmth of the sun and love and the wonders of Mother Earth.

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Anonymous Meredith berkata...

Wow! what a way to cast your troubles... I admire your output in life and your attitude of positiveness is such a gift.

7:17 AM  

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