Of Beginnings and Beyond

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have been away from home for quite awhile and I am still not used to it or even the thought of it still bring tears to my eyes. When I migrated, I left a lot of my childhood memories and my favorites. I left my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, my classmates and whole lot more.

The painful part of migrating was I left my son, through the years he was my backbone and my strength that made me go on each day and made my days nights and my nights like day. I guess you can say because of the hardships we endure in our early childhood days that made us to dream big and make it a reality. Although some of our dreams went to the drained and while others are still in the process we never gave up.

Migrating to California I thought would be an easy thing to do since a lot of Filipinos are here. Yeah, right!!! I was culture shocked and even left helpless and hopeless. I cried day and night and even cranked up the long distance bill to ease my loneliness and even the post office already knew me then. Each week I would mailed at least 24 letters to different people and sometimes even more.

Although it had given me a chance to grow up and be mature. I felt like I was rob of something that I was supposed to be enjoying. Migrating gave me a chance to rediscover myself and bond with my Dad who left us when we were still small. I gained new friends, new jobs, new experiences and kept myself busy to ease my loneliness and wanting to go home.(Philippines)

But, migrating to California gave me something and someone extra which is the family I have now and maybe the only difference if I stayed back home I might have not experience the joy of being a mother again and a wife.

I guess some changes are for the better and what difference will it take in our life if we make the difference……

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