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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A guy in purple shirt and white truck

We have suffered from a syndrome which we later called “slowmo”. You see we have been or should I say I have been using a pc which is older than my youngest daughter. It’s still up and running but kinda slowing down already. I was still using and OS of Windows 98. Can you just believe that, all these time. Yup! you got that right. My trusted and other bestfriend which I had for more than a decade has been semi retired.

Has been very helpful and a very good companion who by the way in a decade crash twice due to abuse of usage. We have made countless projects, movies and music and yet it is still up and running although slowing down already due to old age and excessive abuse and usage.

Sometimes frustrates me for I can’t update my blogsites due to some applications and widgets are not compatible to my pc. But, then again I found ways to be creative and always keep a positive outlook and so far I was granted.

So finally we decided to get a brand new customized pc that will live and stay for us for a decade or so. As we search far and wide of what we really want and need. Countless visits to stores who caters computers and some knowledgeable people whom have answered our needs. We decided unanimously as a family since we need a stronger and way much better pc so that we can fulfill our projects and make our ideas a reality to get a iMac.

Although it will cost us a lot more at least we got what we want and customized it in favor of our needs. We patiently eager waited and finally it arrived just last night. We waited patiently for the guy in purple shirt with a white truck and he delivered it on time.

Last night felt like christmas morning where in we open our present that we waited for patiently. We were as excited as we were when we said “I Do” and the feeling of giving birth and seeing your hard earned money put to a good use was………………………..PRICELESS.

We hugged each other and thank GOD for all the wonderful blessings, HE bestowed upon us.

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Anonymous Luiza berkata...

Good for you and keep the blogs coming!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Malou berkata...

Isn't that nice.... definitely feels like Christmas morning to me too.... Congratulations on your new toy..... :)

2:32 PM  
Blogger Carmela berkata...

Hi Luiza and Malou, Yes it definitely feels like Christmas and we deserved it as well.... Take care and Thanks for dropping by....

9:50 AM  

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