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Saturday, March 03, 2007

8 years

How time flies and how season change.

It was not so long ago when I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Her arrival was even delayed for a week but never gave me problems.

She come out at Mommy’s cue and with the help of the Doctor’s and Nurses’.

She cried so loud that we know we will have a loud days and nights with her. In less than 24 hours Mommy and baby went home and rest much more comfortably at our own place.

She grew and grew and gave so much happiness to me and to people that surrounds her.

She is such a delight to be around. I describe her as my “Little Kris Aquino.” She loves to talked, entertain her visitors and she is very sociable. She loves anything that is related or made of carbohydrate, milk and chocolates anything that is F-O-O-D!!!

She loves to dress up and attend parties. She loves to hang out and take pictures of herself and the surroundings. She has grown to be a bright, smart and intelligent little lady. Although sometimes she seem to be stubborn and hard headed she still knows when to say “sorry” and when to let the other person know of the wrong they have done to her.

She has her ways with her grandparents and they seem to be smitten by her. They spoil her and love her to death as we all know that’s what grandparents do best, right?

She just turned 8 last March 1. How time flies my baby is slowly blossoming to be a little lady…

Happy Birthday my little gremlin precious princess kikay budang!!!

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