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Thursday, March 15, 2007

If I gave in...

I was so pissed that this kid, a 5Th grader that owes my daughter some money. It's only $3.00 but my point is, if you really want to pay you won't be hiding under the table or avoiding me for no reason, right?!? So, I asked politely about the payment and he said he will tomorrow that was Tuesday and as always tomorrow came and up until now he hasn't paid yet.

I even asked him why did he get so much when he can't even afford to pay for them and all he said was I already told my parents about it and I will pay you tomorrow and when tomorrow comes he spend it already and on and on and all kinds of excuses. Makes my blood boil to the highest level.

I told the teacher and our paths crossed on the field, he acted so tough as if I will not recognized him without his had and asked him, "So do you have the money already," and he replied I will give it tomorrow.

I was just an inch or so away from him and if I gave in and smack him for breaking his promise who will look bad. Exactly, so I just told him that I already informed your teacher and make sure you have the money by tomorrow.

I wonder what kind of parents does this kid have or what kind of discipline does he see at home. He doesn't seem to respect or honor his words to a 2ND grader.

Here I am teaching my kids the good value of money and learn to save for rainy days and being friendly, honest and helpful are some of the good virtues which so happened that some people like that KID in school took advantage off from my daughter and she knows the rule that, she will be paying it from her allowance.

I guess sometimes being good is not good at all because people will take advantage of your goodness.

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Anonymous Meredith berkata...

Buti na lang you didn't give in... Agree naman ako sa iyo dahil ba they are of younger level kaya they are booing them. Hindi naman yata maganda yun di ba.

Swerte ang daughter mo she has a Mommy like you...

3:31 PM  

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