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Friday, March 09, 2007


Last night just like most of our weekdays night we stayed at home and last minute decided that we will just eat out. Daddy was craving for salad and he specifically wants the salad at Olive Garden and so that's where we had our dinner. It's been awhile since I last dine at Olive Garden. It's one pricey restaurant but sometimes we just need to unwind and let ourselves hang loose and enjoy the pricey little things and that is just what we did.

We just arrived just in time, just the other hungry people started to pour in. We waited for about 10 minutes and off we were at our table. Our table is the 3rd one from the left coming in and right going out.

As we were busy discussing what to get and who wants what. I notice that our waitress was kind slow and felt like it took forever for her to get our orders and little did I know that she had a very hectic night but she was quick to remember who wants what and the refills just kept pouring in.

We ordered some appetizers of calamari and spinach artichoke dip and while waiting for our food, we talked about how our day went by and how things are and what's the planned for this weekend. Salad and breadsticks was served and followed by our food --- Daddy and Kuya both had the mixed grill, while I had the Tour Of Italy and Kikay order chicken fingers. While eating I dreamt that I was in Italy under the Tuscan sun and enjoying my dinner along side of their famous streets, being serenaded by an Italian musician and SNAP!!! I was just dreaming and I let out a big funny way of laughter that I felt embarrassed and happy.

One day I will truly enjoy what Italy is all about for now I will just keep on dreaming of what Italy will be.

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