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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Knot

What is the common cause to loosen a knot?

because it’s too tight
you need to loosen it up
you need to retie the knot
you want to be free and endless more…

What are the reasons we tie the knot?

so that it won’t go away
so that it won’t get lost
too make sure it is secure
too make sure it is together and will stick together and so on and on….

Whatever the reasons maybe we need to reconsider and think about what’s going to happen once we untie the knot.

We are responsible for the consequences of our actions and whatever may have happen it took you a lot of thinking to commit and make this action to happen.

To loosen a knot doesn’t only take one mind. It took two great minds to make the knot loose and for that to be loosen up it took for awhile to make the gap and rip unreachable that in the end both of you concluded it’s better to just let each other go and just let it go…

Sometimes we need to be loosen up to be able to see where we are headed and be able to tie the knot again to be able to be together and not get lost.

As we can see we need both of the loosen and tying the knots. We sometimes need to be tied and sometimes need to be loosen up.

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