Of Beginnings and Beyond

Thursday, March 08, 2007


My day didn't exactly started out great but as the day progress it went from bad to beautiful.

And now I understand why GOD gave me the time to reflect and see how things will be. Sometimes I just can't quite grasp what He is trying to tell me.

A little over 1:00 in the afternoon. I got a call from my sister in Kansas and we talk about almost anything --- about how her school is, how her day went, how is my nephew and Tony, the weather and what's for dinner and so on and on...

Just as I hanged up the phone, it ranged and it's Connie in Illinois. She is and has been a good and great friend of the family. She is like an older sister that I never had. She calls every now and then and never fails.

We talked and I just learned that she had an out of patient surgery and that she is doing great. We reminisced our good old days in Philippines and how crazy in love we were and stupid. We talked about anything and everything that concerns on being a mom, a wife, a sister and a friend.

And as we were going to hanged she told me this "thank you for being also there to listen,"

These calls are made randomly because they always call me during weekends and not on weekdays. And if one of them calls me 3 times in a week and that means that something or someone is bothering them and they just needed someone who will and can listen to them.

Listening is one of the gift that I am thankful for. Although not at all times I am very good at it but at least I try to listen as much as I can.

Who needs a therapist when I got great friends who are willing to listen...

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