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Monday, March 05, 2007

Love and Hate

I used to hate weekends for the endless parties, unorganized things at home and chaos and soon which I later found out that they purposely have done those things to drive me insane.

But, lately I have been loving the weekends again. Being with my family together, doing a lot of things together as a family, enjoying the weather, the warmth of the sun and seeing my loved ones brings so much joy, happiness and contentment somehow.

We get to eat breakfast together, lunch and dinner and sometimes just lounge and be lazy for the day. We learn to explore our neighborhood and learn to enjoy simple things in life such us bonding together, manage our time and learn to say "NO" to abusers of our weekend and time.

We have also learn to simultaneously just go with flow and be prepared. Who knows whee we might pop this weekend. San Diego maybe or Las Vegas where the fun never stops or how about San Francisco for a very long road trip or Mexico to enjoy the sun and sand.... who knows where we might be.

All I know is that I am loving and hating some of my weekends but definitely enjoying it. Weird, huh!!!

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