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Thursday, March 22, 2007

People like you...

Had a great time last night. It was definitely a blast, a good change for us all.

While driving to our unknown destination, we stop by a car wash to have the car washed, answer calls, the kids were busy talking and playing while hubby and I were also busy with our unending plans of this and that and time for us to claim our car. As we were exiting we were still headed to our unknown destination and were just driving along a simple joy ride. We saw Yoshinoya and decided to just have dinner there and proceeded to Topanga Fashion Center.

A weekdays at the mall and why the kids finish there homework early and I did not cooked dinner...hehehehe!!! Had fun strolling around the stores, stayed a little longer than usual at the Apple Store and ate some ice cream and slurp some Bailey's Shake and of course dropped by at Target when our peaceful and happy night was interrupted.

My brother in law called to remind us that he needs to borrow our car to go to his Wednesday night bowling. It would be nice if you remind us or asked us properly ahead of time and not the last minute.

If we were just so mean we could have just told him, Sorry can't let you borrow the car, right but instead we hurriedly went home so that he used our car and when we got there what did he say, he won't go bowling anymore...... What f*cking d*ckhead!!! Honestly he already ruined our night and our plans and made us come home to nothing.

So the kids went inside while hubby and I where at the garage just talking and yapping our night away and decided that it's getting cold and headed upstairs and I went straight to the kitchen and clean up and straight to the bedroom.

Just like that our peaceful night was ruined by people like you!!!

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Anonymous Meredith berkata...

Well, there are people like that bound to ruin happy moments.

11:15 AM  

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