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Friday, March 23, 2007

Safety's first

As I was walking my daughter towards her school. We saw some cars backing up instead of going forward and I was shocked and furious and why? because of what they were doing and it can cause an accident and true enough while we slowly approached and started crossing we saw an ambulance and some nosy onlookers and some group of parents outside the school and there it was a kid got hit by a car.

Whose’s at fault all parties and why there is no pedestrian crossing and some parents just simply stop in the middle of the street and open the car door and literally let the kid get out and off to the school gate. How stupid can that be.

We should know that since kids are smaller sometimes drivers can’t see them that easily and sometimes kids are covered in the blind spot of the drivers.

Some parents think this is a quick solution to just simply stop on the middle of the road and pop open the door and let the kid get out and straight running to the school gate.

Volunteers and school staff should be able to assist parents and lessen the trouble or accidents. What more can this school be waiting for? A law suit? more serious accidents? more deaths?

Since we moved here this scene has been like this and I even told one of the parents that it would be nice if you can park your car properly and let your child get out of the safely than be sorry.

Maybe they think I was so nosy and who the heck I am. I was so concerned of the kids safety that I butt myself in for the safety’s sake.

I even file a complain to the school district for how the school’s safety is unstable and some kids can be easily snatched within the school grounds and even complain regarding the administrative staff’s very rude attitude and most especially the principal which some teacher’s says that “she is difficult to work with.”

Will my daughter’s education be jeopardize by a system like this?

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Anonymous Jhoanne berkata...

I hope the kid is ok. Well, that depends on the teacher and you as a parent. If you think that your child's education does not satisfy you than you should switch her to a different school...

Hope for the better and Enjoy your weekend!

9:53 AM  

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