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Friday, March 16, 2007


I appreciate silence when it is necessary and silence can also be beautiful and peaceful and sometimes so deafening.

If you want something to say but have a hard time saying it,

Let me be known.

Silence doesn't answer your undying question of what's going through your head.

How will the other know what's going through your head,

If you will just sit there and sigh a heavy sigh of I do not know what.

Sometimes through being silent we hurt others,

we drive them away, we deprive ourselves of what we want to know.

Silence doesn't answer and is not the answer to all.

It might be for that moment until such time you will be able to release

what's really bothering you and when that happens it might be too late

or will create some serious damage.

Silence is never a treatment or a solution.

I would rather be thankful for you yelling at me and letting me know of the wrongs that I have done,

than to just sit there stare at me and accused me with those look.

Share and let your silence be heard.

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 1:54 PM

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Blogger jho berkata...

Long time ago, i have been battered by office intrigues... I just kept silent. It's not because it is true but i dont see any point of voicing out my anger towards the people who made those nasty rumors about me... I just let them be...I do belive in karma (good or bad).. so now, they are the ones being intrigued...

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Carmela berkata...

So true Jho, what comes around goes around. But there are times that I would rather know what's the what then keep it in silence maybe just maybe I might be able to give a clear answer di ba....

Enjoy your weekend and Take care...
God bless and keep on blogging!!!

8:32 PM  

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