Of Beginnings and Beyond

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still here...

Just like everybody else I am as normal as I can be.

We might not be on the same pace but somewhere or whatever time you were at where I am today.

We just didn't travel together but experienced it in a different time.

I am talking about “those” days when you are mad at anyone and anything that doesn't pleases you.

“Those” days when you are so happy and sudden detour just ruins the moment, remember “those” days?!?

Seems like my “those”days are hovering too much as wanted and sometimes it is making me do mean things but I catch myself making it and just sob and cry like a baby.

Could it be just a hormonal imbalance or just a normal pace of life…

Whatever it is “those” days are still here…

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 8:59 PM

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Anonymous Samantha berkata...

Hang in there!!! It will soon go away.... Keep the faith and stay strong....

8:33 AM  

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