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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Admiration of thoughts

Honestly, I find other bloggers so creative in their of blogging their thoughts and others like me are so boring when blogging. I know I am no writer or journalist but I blog what I have or had experience, seen in life and my wild thoughts. Although some of them I can't published is due to some rated thoughts and other people might get offended and hurt.

I am also cautious on what I blog most especially that some of my fellow family members, relatives and friends knows this site. I rant some thoughts about them but cautious enough not to offend them but still tells the truth in a way that I can.

I really admire people who has a wide range of imagination on how to tell their story. I am not so much about words or vocabulary, but rather interpret their stories and me being there when the story was made, unfold and told.

I am a hopeless romantic trap in the 21st century. I still loved the old ones of courtship and how women of the olden days dress up and how many pay higher respect for women, which we can still be seen today but seldom. How the houses were made, the transportation at that time, the dresses, the way everything was. I am much a Maria Clara of the 21st century. My kids even told me that I dressed too conservative for my age and looks like I am not a Mom but a old maid. Although it hurts coming from my kids but true enough the truth hurts and so I reinvented myself a little bit less of, but still a Mom and a respected lady.

I do not believe in annulment or divorced or separation. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and it takes two tango and make things right. No one is above each one but we are of the same level but different experience and time of delivery. Many might raised their eyebrows and opinions be thrown but I welcome them with an open mind.

I do admire single parents, women or men who stood up for their right and freedom. I should know I was a struggling single parent and bread winner of the family before I met my partner. I do believe that every individual is unique and special.

Just a thought.....

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Anonymous B berkata...

Wow! I was left speechless after reading.... Great entry!

8:12 PM  
Blogger duke berkata...

there are people who blog about what they've done that day, what they ate that day, what they wore , what restaurant they went to that day.

there are people who blog about their heartbreak, blog about their heartbreak more, and blog about their heartbreak again. Some blog about their crushes and their exes.

there are people who blog about life and their stupidities, and how they cope, and how they see things their own way. They tell of stories as they see it in a different light.

i do not believe that there are boring bloggers. Whichever blogger you are, you cannot cater to everyone. but your readers will find you.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Carmela berkata...

Hi Duke,

Amen to that but I, myself find myself boring at times and during those times my imagination or ways of blogging runs flat. But nevertheless I blog for myself and it's up to the readers like you to find me and find my thoughts amusing, disgusting, or whatever you will describe.

Thanks for dropping by and take care.

9:21 PM  

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