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Monday, April 09, 2007

Back 2 Reality

And so spring is over and so is the Holy Week. Hope you had time to reflect and ponder upon some deep thoughts running wild inside your head. I surely had a great week and a time off from being oh so busy. Although, we got busy but a different kind of B-U-S-Y... if you know what I mean.... hehehehehe

Friday we went out actually nothing extravagant or anything just browsing some books and window shopping at a nearby mall. Ate some seafood and endless nights of sharing exchanging thoughts and some intense confrontation of the reality but all ends well so far. We slept late for how many nights and still able to get up early the next day or should I say in the next few hours.....

Black Saturday was spent quietly. We got up just before lunch time and decided to head out and place the order for the birthday cake for this coming Sunday and place was jammed packed as always nothing new at PORTO'S It took awhile for we can't decide which flavor of the cake and the filling and we kept switching back and forth and finally made a final decision. We were heading home since we got lot of things to finish and do but due to a wrong or missed turn we ended up at Starbuck's and IKEA.

It's been quite awhile since I last set foot inside an Ikea store. Since we moved to the valley the nearest Ikea store from us in in Burbank about 20 to 30 minutes drive and the area where it's located is always jammed packed and the parking is such a pain in the ass. We would literally fight for a parking space and it would take around 20 minutes to find a parking spot and depends what time of the day you are going also. On weekends it's good luck if you can find one. But, for this weekend it was literally a good luck for us as we entered the covered parking structure there was a free parking spot. What a blessing. No time wasted at all.

Went inside and browse around and get some ideas of how to make our place a much cozier and spaciously more to the things we already have. Our design is comfy, if it breaks it's replaceable as along as you are ok, you can sit back relax put your feet on the coffee table kind of thing, cozy enough that we accept kids and let them enjoy the space for them and adults are welcome to let their inner child run wild, that kind of thing. We simply go to a furniture stores or home improvements store not just too buy things but to get some ideas of hows and all. We sometimes ending up spending too much time surfing the improvement stores or furnitures stores than buying a make up or groceries. Weird , huh.

While surfing of course something will caught or eye or two then you place it inside your cart and go around and when check out is almost there we debate and why are we getting it and so on and forth. So, we ended up getting what we need to get and not our impulsive wants. Then the cashier asked me are you going to get some plastic bag for that. Honestly, I stop and starred at her and said what do you mean? and then she said we sell the plastic bags for 5 cents each or you can purchase this blue bag for 59 cents and it's reusable and I just said "NO", no need too.

How crazy can that be. You buy something at a store and they charge you for using their plastic bags of the items you got from their store. And then she explained it that for every 5 cents of the bag they are trying to stop people from using them to save the trees. Well, honestly it's a good cause if you do not use the bags again but I do.

I just do not know and I know it sounds crazy what is 5 cents, right? But if you add it up everytime you use a plastic bag from the stores most especially buying groceries it add's up and I get that blue reusable is helpful but I need to have it with me if all the time cause what I forget it so it means that I have to purchase the 5 cents bag or carry it as it is.

IKEA, is a great store and they have a lot of items that I find very reasonably price and worth it most especially if you do not want to spend too much. We got most of our things at Ikea and there as it department is one of our favorites to find some knick knacks.

But, after the Saturday visit and them charging 5 cents for every shopping/plastic bag that I will use I have to think about going there and I guess reality kicks in again. That everything we use is money and next thing we know we might get charge for using the store cart.

Sunday, Happy Easter! Stayed at home, finished our things and cleaned up. Rented and watched a movie. Just at home lounging around and being LAZY. We finally got out of the house and went to Orange County to pick up our daughter. On our way there we had some pretty serious discussion about life, people and how things are going in our own perspective. We actually had an interesting discussion I may say. We ponder some deep thoughts and deeper issues concerning us, people around us and some tough issues of fidelity, karma, lying, discipline and blunt honesty. So far the discussion went pretty well and coolness of the head prevail. We do loved crazy debate talk kind of a thing that sometimes it's only naturally you get into the moment and vent it our what's inside your head and after that it's back to reality and accepting the facts of life.

It was a weekend we needed. Peaceful, quite, tranquil and full of rest. Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

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