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Friday, April 13, 2007


I wasn’t aware until I check the calendar….. OMG!!! It’s Friday the 13th. Could it be true? All those hollaballoos about this day.

Hhhmmmm….. Check your calendar…. We are on the same date right? April 13, 2007 Friday.

Hehehehehehehe… Agenda for today is hectic.

From waking up early (as always) to cooking breakfast to cleaning and organizing the traces of what my family left behind to cooking lunch and tomorrow’s barbecue to ironing clothes and doing some laundry to running errands for the Sunday’s party to picking up kids from school to cooking dinner to picking up MIL in Orange County to checking if all the things needed for Sunday’s event are all here and getting them to Glendale. Phew!

Whoever said that being a housewife is so boring and got nothing to do, when all you do is run here and there but, I am happy to tell you that I am so happy being one and from where I am I am enjoying every bit of it.

Seems like not that much but what eat’s up the time is the traffic and traveling but will manage. Hope you all have a great weekend and Take care.

Till then keep on blogging and God bless!!!

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Anonymous Nina berkata...

Ano ba ang meron sa Friday the 13th pati Mom ko napapraning ....hehehehehe

6:20 PM  

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