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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Divorce is the answer...

I need brains, minds, different outlooks and whole lot of opinions. A dear friend of mine called me and told that they are getting a divorced! Another part of statistics and yet I can't help but just listen. So here are what they told me about why and the divorced issue.

The complains:

*According to him it's been months since his wife told him about her schedule of work and her days off.
*She has been going home pretty late or should I say early morning.
*She has one time or so didn't come home and stayed at a friends house because she was so sick.
*She goes out with her friends without even telling her hubby where she is going to and with whom
*He doesn't make enough money
*He wants to save the marriage but she wants a divorced
*She works really late and funny days.
*He is supposed to bring home the bacon.
*He is always tired and has no energy other than work.
*He takes care of the kids really well but not me.

I do not know but both of them are good friends of mine. The guy most of the time hangs out here at our pad while the girl I rarely see unless we are at their pad. She spends a lot of time with her other friends, going concerts, shopping, eating out, bar hopping and who knows where else.

It's has always been an issue to any relationship rich or poor the "money". When you are rich you argue on what expensive things you will get and when you are poor you argue because there is no emough money to spend. As you can see it's a two street and the kids always gets in the middle.

So far that has been only story I got from both of them. Wifey complains that hubby is not earning enough and hubby complains that wifey is a neat freak and keeps nagging at him. And the answer is DIVORCE to them.

Hubby tried to talk to wifey and hoping to save the marriage but wifey insists she wants a divorce. Could there be more just than the I want a divorce and money issue here. Makes me stop, listen, look and wonder.....

What do you think of this situation?

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Anonymous Cheryl berkata...

Could it be the only solution or an added problem to the problem they are already facing right now? They should weight things out and then some more talk and decide what's best.....

Good luck and may they find the answer(s).

7:01 PM  

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