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Friday, April 20, 2007

How's your Friday?

Well, definitely staying indoors. Although my Friday will be best described as wet cause it's raining right now, cold, busy, enjoying it, loving it, lazy, relaxing and happy.

I am currently babysitting while blogging and doing some household chores and later will be preparing lunch and dinner and do not forget to pick up my daughter in school. Yes, honestly I got my hands full right now. Although I already have my schedule and routine every day and each single day is different from the others I still find myself busy.

Whoever said that being a full time mom and housewife is boring and got nothing to do. Believe I tried doing things slow and even step up some schedules to ease my routine but still I find myself busy. I am not complaining but lovin' it.

One project down and 4 more to go which I know will be greatly appreciated. I am currently enjoying my Friday listening to some amazing songs and artist and one of the song that got stuck inside my head is from P.Diddy and Keyshia's Last night. A song that my kids performed during their Lolo's 60th birthday. A dance number that caught him by surprise.

Till then and keep on blogging!!! Enjoy your weekend and Take care.

God bless everyone!!!

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Anonymous Candy berkata...

Happy Weekend to you too!

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