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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nation's Mourning...

It's been almost a week since another massacre has occurred. After 8 years of the Columbine Massacre, here comes Virginia Tech. Makes wanna asked what are driving these kids crazy and killing their fellow classmates, their professor and their friends.

How safe is our school? What's next? Can we blame the movies, games and society of how these kids are acting?

Honestly, I fear for my kids safety and just like anybody else I refused to blog about this but later change my mind and why? We should be heard and hopefully keep a watchful eye of our kids, their surroundings, their friends, their school and whoever is within the vicinity of the school.

After the Columbine incident I told my kids about how to be alert and aware of where there are and the people. Feel the surroundings, let your instinct be your first line of defense but never be a hero. If there is a chance for you to escape then do so and always think before acting out.

May all the 33 souls lost rest in peace.

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Anonymous M-M berkata...

I was shocked by this event and how could this have happened again....

6:33 AM  

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