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Friday, April 27, 2007

Robbery and Concentration

As I was upgrading my site, police sirens and a helicopter was and still is hovering within our area and happens to be that there were two bank robbers who robbed a Wells Fargo Bank near Six Flags Mountain and the chase was on until it stop nearby. Near the 118 Freeway a lot of residencial area, schools and some business establishments. No word if they caught the suspects already. I guess got to wait for the report later today.

Because of all the commotion going on, I can't seem to concentrate on fixing the choosen template I wanted to use but used it anyway. So for now just enjoy your Friday and the rest of the weekend.... I will fix my site soon... maybe tonight.... or tomorrow or whenever I can.... =)

Till then and keep those thoughts rolling....


I mentioned earlier today that there has been a robbery at a bank and the banks name is Washington Mutual in Santa Clarita and there were 3 robbers. Good news is that they get caught hiding inside somebody's garage near a friend's house in Granada Hills.

Jusr arrived from a parents conference and picking up my daughter. Went to an ice cream parlor and just finished massaging my brother in laws achy back and while waiting for my nephew to arrived, seize the moment to update and blog a little bit. Well, that's it for now and that's the update.....

So far Friday is pretty busy and yet I am loving it..... =)

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Anonymous Dulce berkata...

Wow!!! What a day you had. Hope your all fine and safe. TC!!!

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