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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Almost the weekend and very excited..... hehehehehehehehe.......

It means that I will be crazy flipping channels again.... from Smallville to Ugly Betty to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to Supernatural to Grey's Anatomy to Scrubs to Brick Awards and a new series called Notes From the Underbelly.

Good thing is that Smallville is a repeat and so I can skip that and proceed to the next target. I know you might say have you heard of TiVo or DVR, sorry but I am poor and saving up and can't afford those extra technologies in exchange for my kids college.... hehehehe .. sound pathetic but true. I need to weight things down before making any purchases and all and since we do not go anywhere after 8:00 in the evening on weekdays unless otherwise necessarily to we do not need those new added expenses, right?!? All I can afford is a vcr and record them and of course the new reliable friend we have our computer or others might call it the system and the internet.

We loved lounging in our living room and cuddling around with our blankets and watching movies, our favorite T.V. shows or just the news. We treasure simple things like these. Being lazy after dinner or getting some ice cream at a nearby ice cream parlor or just to pig out. Life with my family...

Simply amazing!!!

Enjoy your weekend and God bless!!!!

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