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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


How will I describe a weekend of exhaustion, overjoy, laughter and fun....


That's right! A weekend filled with friends and families with a great dose of fun, happiness and laughter that's what best describes our weekend.

A weekend that almost didn't happened but with all of your prayers and God's plan to have Papa Lolo is still with us and enjoyed his birthday bash.

He had surpassed another hurdle in life and continue to live life in a different point of view. He turned 60!!!

We partied together with friends and families. Drink, laugh, enjoyed each other's company, overjoyed of the presence of the people who made it and made the rest of the night extra special. Although some people whom we didn't expect to show up did and stayed and the people whom our hopes were hight to show didn't even bother and made up a very lame excuse, excuse me.

Sometimes there are some people who will put us down along the way and those people whom we thought weren't there are just standing by in case you needed them, in cause you needed a friend to lean on.

A lot of surprises and definitely a lot of tissue to pass around. Tears of joy overflowed throughout the night and endless thank you's and welcome's.

The food was great, dessert was yummy and the music was to dance for. A night to definitely remember and to those who came THANK YOU so much for sharing this memorable night and for those who didn't make it you missed a lot.

Till the next party and keep on rockin'

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Anonymous Anonymous berkata...

Seems like the party was a success... Cheers and Great job!!!

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