Of Beginnings and Beyond

Saturday, May 26, 2007

2 Years and still going...

I first start blogging around March of 2005 and yet here I am still blogging and moving from one site to other, hopping my way to the cyberworld.

I just want to be able to find new and old friends to be able to connect with them. I went from blogspot to multiply to wordpress to blogdrive to i.ph to friendster to vox to blogtastic and a lot more sites which I still keep. I joined and never left although I got to update some of that sites.

And yet here I am still going on and on and blogging about anything and about everything possible...

I broaden my horizons and able to spread my wings with no fear and hesitation to explore the world with new beginnings and beyond...

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 10:39 AM

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Blogger Lenita Maldita berkata...

Hello Carmela :-) Thanks for leaving a comment on my blogsite. Really glad meeting new friends in the blogworld. I am based in England and I am happy to be reading your blog entries...I will be here often. Friends together? Cheers - Len

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Carmela berkata...

Hi Len,

Sure friends together!!!

5:33 PM  

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