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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Words are not enough....

Here I am sitting by the window,
My thoughts are flying wild about You.

I wonder what had happened to You.
Why made a sudden turn...

Makes me question about myself...
Am I a bad influence or just not good to you at all.

You see I try my best to be the best
But the reflection to you is negativity...

I asked myself today, like every other days,
Have I failed?

All I asked was for you to do good
Yet you are good, respectful, courteous and all of those they say about you....

How come the report doesn't say that...
It sings a different tune..

And all the yelling, cussing and shouting
Does this makes you happy?

I am lost of words on how to tell you
Have I been so unfair to be treated like this?

Wasn't I fair enough to you?
Or this is just how you are...

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 2:30 PM

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Blogger karlee berkata...

pero may kanta akong alam sabi niya "words are not important"

maganda yung poem <3

anyways, actually padaan lang talaga ;)

9:15 PM  

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