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Monday, May 21, 2007

Have you see Madeleine McCann?


As a Mom and a homemaker I am always on my toes and busy attending to my kids needs but never a day since they started school that I am not there to send them to school and remember what they are wearing. And why bother of what they are wearing.... because that is one of the many factors just in case something happens what did he/she wore that day? and through it too you can monitor if he/she is in a gang or even pregnant.

As I was watching the news, something came up and still she is missing. Her name is Madeleine McCann. She was abducted in Portugal last May 3rd,2007. Click here for more info's about Madeleine McCann.

Just imagine after bringing your family to have a relaxing vacation and then tragedy struck. And because you need to fulfill your other duties you are leaving and going home with one of your family members missing. My heart just fell for the McCann family.

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Blogger Jake The Miserable berkata...

I sincerely hope for the best.

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Blogger Luisa berkata...

i watched it in CNN poor thing

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