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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Regrets, anyone?

Whatever happened between my naps and hubby's arrival made our Monday a silent one. Oh Yes! Our usual riot Monday afternoon to night was quite and everybody fell asleep as early as 8:00 in the evening. Not me I waited for my DWTS show...

This morning my daughter asked me out of the blue that if I regret something in my life. Hhhmmm, I shocked and speechless. I told her I will tell you later when you get home from school. Walking back made me realized they are growing up too fast and asking too much questions. Made me think what made her think that way.....

I just we just share too much information with our kids. We discuss almost everything to them and also asked for their opinions on certain things. I guess kids these days are smarter and wiser than ever.

How about you any regrets?

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 12:00 PM

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Blogger Jake The Miserable berkata...

Marami-rami na rin akong pinagsisisihan sa mga nakalipas na taon ng buhay ko.

Pero lagi ko na lang iniisip na pasalamat pa rin ako sa lahat-lahat ng bagay ng nakaraan - maganda at hindi gaanong maganda. Dahil kung wala ang mga ito, hindi natin matatagpuan ang mga bagay at mga taong nakakapagpasaya sa atin ngayon.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Carmela berkata...

Hi Jake,

Lahat naman yata tayo merong pinagsisihan sa buhay eh. Kasi ang pagsisisi hindi naman kasi nauuna palaging nasa huli ngunit dahil sa pagsisisi natin natuto tayong itama ang dapat di ba at marami din tayong natutunan dahil dito.....

6:00 AM  

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