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Friday, June 29, 2007

10 Years and counting...

Yesterday we celebrated our 10th anniversary. While others might want to be extravagant with their celebrations, renewing their vows, a intimate family special dinner and so on. We celebrated ours with family and some friends over for some mah-jong. Unusual, eh. But we had a great time.

10 years made my eyes a little misty. After all these years feels like we are newlyweds again with kids!

Through the 10 years of being married we both have learned:

* That no matter what we will be each other’s pillar of strength.
* That we will always have an open communication and keep an open mind on everything.
* That we need to be neutral on both our families and weigh things down before uttering another words of regret.
* That with respect, patience, love, trust, honesty and GOD at the center of our marriage we will be able to hold the family together.
* That it’s only in marriage you can legally sleep with your ENEMY.
* That we should never sleep anger no matter.
* That in every problem their is a solution to it one way or another.
* That every child is special in their own way and possess some special ability and unique
* That we have proved our detractors wrong!
* That as simple as our wedding was 10 years ago our love for each other on the other hand has indeed flourish to it’s extraordinary height.
* That through all the storms, typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes that rock our marriage we can still look back and smile at each other and say, “Yes, we made it this far because we have each other to lean on.”
* That we discover new each day we spent with each other.
* That we will kiss and make and say sorry and forgive a million times over and over again.
* That we are hoping and aiming to grow old with each other.
* That we are thank you, blessed and grateful for each other.

What’s our secret?

I guess you say just like any other relationship we took one day at a time and never passes the thin line. We respect each other’s privacy and me time and just like any other marriages we also have our also fall out but manage to pull it through.

I guess their is no secret recipe but just be yourself and love each other, learn to forgive and be there when the times gets rough so that you have each other to hang on too.


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Blogger Lalon berkata...

wow.. happy anniversary po.. more loving years to come.

way to go. :)

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