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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Guilty as eaten...

The other girl's best friend and my bestest friend as well and I am not guilty to indulge myself with some of these fine chocolates. As always I just don't loved chocolates but I go crazy if I can't have some and I even won't talk to you if you messed with my chocolate collections. Oh, Yes! I do got a collection of chocolates in the house although some are not of the finest of the fine but I got some of those for special times and anything that is covered with chocolate and edible I will surely eat and chunk them down. Not to mention that, it's one of my weakest and I am finding a hard time to part with. Of course after indulging myself with a box of chocolates I drown myself with lots of water and some green tea to wash them off.... Guilty pleasures of being a woman.

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