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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kitchen Declutter

Almost all of us would like some more room to work in our kitchens. Use the top 10 tips below to get organized and, in the process, discover all that extra space in your kitchen you never knew you had.

1. Go through all your drawers, and get rid of anything you don't use. Use the year rule: If you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it. When you get to your utensil drawer, don't hesitate for a minute. Do you really need three can openers? Keep the one you like best and donate the others to a charity.

2. Do you find that your bills and papers keep reappearing and cluttering your kitchen counter? Buy a large magnetic clip to stick on the fridge to keep your papers organized. Or buy an accordion file folder and store papers there.

Kitchen3. Put appliances such as air poppers, slow cookers, and bread machines away until they're needed. And, if you discover you are only using the bread machine once a year, maybe it's time to sell it to free up storage space.

4. A clean pantry is a happy pantry, as we learned a few months ago during our Home Made Simple pantry makeover. So if your pantry has some problems, check out our article to learn how to fix them.

5. Rollout shelves are an inexpensive way to create a lot more storage room. Install some under your sink, where items tend to get lost in the depths of those cavernous cabinets.

Cup Holder6. Utilize cup holders. They are a great way to open up space in your cabinets, plus you can show off your favorite mugs.

7. The inside of a cupboard or pantry door is rarely used, but we find it to be a great space saver. You can hang a message board, spice rack, or lid racks. The more cupboard and pantry doors you have, the more space you can save!

8. Store items that are used together near one another. For example, store mugs, sugar, and coffee by the coffee maker. Make a "recipe center"—a drawer with your recipe books, pens, coupons, and paper.

9. Attach a pre-made trellis on your wall to hang up pots, pans, serving utensils, lids, or towels. You name it—you can hang it!

10. A lazy Susan can be a big space saver. Put a small one in your refrigerator for all your condiments, or in one of your base cupboards to store small appliances.

Simple steps to have a clutter free and functional kitchen. Enjoy and Happy Cleaning!!!

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