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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Save The Date

It's June and it's almost over. While other are busy preparing for a wedding, graduation, baptismal and summer outings. You just can't missed the talk of the town these days. From the supermarket down to the cleaners even at the doctor's office down to the gas station, it's a hype to everyone who loves gadgets.

It's has great reviews and people are so amaze of how and what it can do and the hours of usage and all. Will it live to it's hype? Well, I think it will. After all it's from Apple, right? But that will not make me switch from one company to another.

IPhone is exclusively for all AT & T subscribers only so what will others do then. Well, if you got the patience then you got to wait for a very long, long time for it to be available to your phone company or you can simply take the risk and switch.

In just a couple of days the newest and most hype and talk about gadget will be out in the market so much hype that people are willing to line up for days outside the store and sleep on the sidewalk just to get their hands on these newest craze.

So save the date on June 29Th it will be release!

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 8:27 AM

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Anonymous Apple berkata...

Saw the commercial and I am so impress of what this new phone features. Can't wait to get one... :)

8:30 PM  

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