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Friday, June 15, 2007

Where I Been

Diagnosis: Cellulites/Abscess of the LLE
RX: Antibiotics/Elevate leg most of the time

This past few days was a stress busters and a lot of late night visit to the one place I dread the most...... HOSPITAL. Yes, Monday went to accompany my hubby to his doctor for a cellulites/abscess of the left lower leg not getting any better. When the doctor saw him, he said "this is bad, and the urgent care didn't send to the hospital?" Apparently not because we are at his office right and all those machine beeping taking his vital signs, blood pressure and oxygen when his oxygen level was at 85 room air and then with family history of heart attack the doctor called 911 and rushed him to the E.R.

As much I wanted to panic how can I when all the EMT's where asking me all these tons of questions, which would and could determine how well you know your partner during an emergency situation and the doctor even praised me for being so calm and knowledgeable enough to understand what's going on. He even thought that I am a Nurse, funny but I that supposed to be my course.

At my stay at the hospital makes me think of pursuing my dream of being a nurse. The doctor's even keep asking if I am a nurse or in med school and I asked why? They all answer the same thing "that I got some skills and knowledge to be a nurse or in medical field. I even assisted the doctor who put the pick line to my husband a hands on experience made me realized that I got a dream to fulfill. Stayed at the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights and we are home now. A nurse will be visiting and teaching me how to infuse the IV through the pick line they put at the hospital.

Hubby is resting fine and so far the swelling is going down and fever is gone. Soon we will be enjoying each other's company and with the kids.

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Anonymous Mai berkata...

Then why not be a NURSE... I am pretty sure you will be a good and great nurse.

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