Of Beginnings and Beyond

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Of Smiles and Laughters

During rough times we learned more about other people's strength and through it we also can learned who we can lean on and who we can asked for help. Through our rough times we learned to lean on with each other and make our minds work as one. We learned to work as a team and asked each other's opinion and take each things into consideration.

A lot has happened and a lot has been hurt and said but nevertheless because of the respect we have for each other we learned to take one day at a time and make each day a learning experience not just for one but for everybody.

We learned to be more patient and be strong for each other. Who will help us except ourselves, right. We learned a lot more each day as we are together and get stronger as well.

Enjoy your weekend and take care. Keep on blogging and God bless!!!

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