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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Artist meets the OCD

Since I am in semi hiatus stage once again and the summer is almost over and school is definitely fast approaching suddenly the artist inside me came out and got so busy with a lot of things and of course the artist meets the OCD as well.

*Finishing touches for a scrapbook for my Dad’s 60th birthday.
*Next in line is another scrapbook project for our 10th anniversary (belated).
*Scrapbook project for each kids as they were growing until present
*Made some DVD slideshows for Mom.
*Edit pictures in the hard drive and compile them according to date, year and occasions.
*Finish my pillow cases, curtains and bed sheets project.
*Arrange Cd’s, DVD’s and VCD’s in alphabetical orders.
*Paper filing is here once again.From our taxes, to utility bills and kids paper works.
*Plan things out for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is just a few months away. *Just imagine that.
*Gift list for the right person…(in the making)

How time really flies so fast that here we are we August and the “BER” months are just a few weeks away.

Ready for Christmas, guys?

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 12:45 PM

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Anonymous Ysay berkata...

Ganun! Bilis nang panahon nga.... in a few weeks BER months na... I am not so ready for Christmas still coping from the previous one..... :)

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Alexis berkata...

Wow! Busy mo naman pala ano... Ingat ka ha and been very attached to your thoughts.... Take care!!!!

11:40 AM  

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