Of Beginnings and Beyond

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Dearest Friend,

Musta ka na? Matagal na tayong hindi nakapagusap or nakapagkumustahan man lang. Sana ay nasa mabuti kang kalagayan. Oo nga, pala nagkita kami ni Mader sa SM noong isang araw. Ok naman sya at namimiss na nya kayo. Kelan ba ninyo balak umuwi dito at pumasyal.

Alam ko na marami kang problema dinadala ngayon according to Mother but you are handling it very well naman daw. Ganun talaga yan eh, panapanahon lang. Magiging ok ka din soon. Ingat ka palagi at keep in touch. Miss nakita, friend.

Your Friend4ever.


A simple and short letter that I received from a long lost friend brightens my day and washes my problems temporarily. Makes me realized and think that I am still blessed to have my friends and family around me during times like these.

I know in time we will be able to smile and look back to what had happened to us and just be thankful for everything. We are healthy and together I think that's the most important part.

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