Of Beginnings and Beyond

Friday, August 17, 2007


I was like a kid that I was so glued to the television set and can't wait for the premiere of High school Musical 2 and when the showed started I was somewhere else. Felt like I was back in high school except that during my high school days we were wearing uniforms and the school was run by nuns. A little this and that and you are off to the discipline committee. Although the strict rules and regulations was deeply enforced I still had a great high school. I wouldn't even trade it for the world.

In this new HSM2 you can clearly see the changes and how grown up they already are. They can new dances as a group and as a couple. They dance well and the choreography was so tasteful. The songs are exquisite and very pleasant to the ears. They definitely improve a lot.

After a long summer with friends and new jobs you just can't blame if you got a lot of things going on inside your head but it all comes done to one. Doing the right thing and keeping your promise that "We are all in these together."

Well, if you haven't watched it, you are missing a lot. I enjoyed watching it with my kids. While singing and dancing with the rest of the cast. It's one movie I wanna watched all over again.

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Anonymous Luiza berkata...

I like this show too. They cover almost everything what a teenager will be expecting in their high school days...

9:32 AM  

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