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Monday, August 27, 2007

Ready for School

As school year 2007-2008 is closing in I can't explained how I am feel. I am exciting and anxious but I am scared to again to let go of my kids. Crazy, huh! Oh well, can you really blame me for being a Mom. My emotions are mixed and I know that it will always stayed like this until I am old and gray after all they are my flesh and blood. My reason for living and being a Mom.

Summer went by pretty fast and a lot has changed and happened but I know we will surpassed all of this and for now we are concentrating for the upcoming back to school.

My kiddos are excited and scared of what the new challenges lies ahead of them. Rest assured that we will always be here for them. Tehy are half way ready. I am sure they will be excited once that day comes.

We are so ready and looking forward for the back to school day.

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