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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Via AirMail

May it be a postcard, a post it note or a card or letter. It seems like every time I get some from the mail it feels like I won the lottery and hit the jackpot.

Letters from friends and family I do keep them whether the content was good or not so good. It's the memories of it I always hold. You can see me sometimes opening my memory box full of anything from receipts of a special item, plastic bag of a memorable item or someone gave me something, cards, postcards and tons of letters.

Some of the letters are written in white bond paper while others are written in stationaries and others in yellow pad paper. Wherever they were written it's the thought and the time given to made that letter and mailed to me via airmail.

Most of the letters where handwritten while others were typed and printed through computer. And no matter how they wrote I am still so blessed that those letters were sent for me.

And because of technology has evolved. We now send our letters through email and text messaging but I still get some from the mail and it feels like I won the lottery every time I open the mailbox and sees the via airmail sign on the envelopes.

Words still looks better written on paper using ink. When words written are meant for you and you alone.

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Anonymous Teng berkata...

Parang ako pala din. I love getting mails especially from the Philippines.

12:09 PM  

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