Of Beginnings and Beyond

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


As much I wanted to yell and shout I just walked away and cried somewhere. Somewhere else where nobody judges me. A place where someone listens to what I am saying. A place where I feel where I should be. Ever felt that way?

Lately that's how I have been feeling. The tension and stress are ultimately high. We need to have this solved and a multiple choices of solutions should be at hand to help us.

Why do we need help? Because we refused to lower down our pride, our egos and losing some respect towards others. We need to act fast and learn to revive the respect part.

Will it be a success? It will be because we are willing to make it work and will work it out. Wish me luck then.

Good Luck!!!

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 5:28 AM

2Your Thoughts:

Anonymous Ysay berkata...

Hope you will feel better soon...

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Jason berkata...

Wishing you all the luck you can have. At least both parties are willing to make it work....

10:27 AM  

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