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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

It’s that time again where ghoules, goblins, witches and ghost comes out to party and have a great time. A time where everybody can be anybody. Just have fun and let your hair loose or should I say let your spirits loose….

A great night for trick or treating and in our new neighborhood a great way to get some candies. And oh boy oh boy they were oh so generous that one long block is all we need too collect enough goodies for the night.

My trick or treaters got tired so early that we end up early with our haunt and off we went to our castles to hang our feets and get some rest when all of a sudden our empty stomach starting to rumbling loud and it’s cue to get some food and chow down on it for tomorrow is another day and another day to be at school and learn some new and old things.

A night with great weather, great company and a lotsa candies what more can my goblins asked for.

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