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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beyond Words

I am beyond words and way beyond my patience level of limit. He just sits down the whole freaking day and doing nothing. Not even picking up his mess would matter.

Sad to say but I still have some respect for him. That I asked my hubby instead of me to talk to him privately and personally. He is no longer a helped to us. He is a huge burden to all of us and to the rest of the family.

I can’t seemed to comprehend why he is so lazy and so useless. And to think he invites his friends over to his house. Since when did our place became his house. Not to mention he got this attitude towards my hubby when he is asking for his help. When all he do is sleep, eat, sit around and watch movies or television shows and when friends comes over drink with us and same thing happens the next day. Nothing new at all.

He needs to get a life and start living his own life so that our burden will be a little bit lighter. How will I say it to him in a nice way since, no one wants him aside us?

A burden that we have been carrying for almost quite awhile and nothing seems to change on his situation. Hubby and I are losing our patience but since he is family we are considering and praying that he will change but when?

Are we stuck with him? Who happened to have a laziness syndrome?

I need help!!!

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 4:57 PM

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Anonymous MG berkata...

Tsk!!! Tsk!!! Hirap nang situwasyon mo kaya. Maybe you guys need a heart to heart talk with him and make and ultimatum.

Wawa naman kayo..... :(

6:24 PM  

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