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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cyberspace Reality

Like what other people say about the cyberspace, it’s like a mirror of who you are. A little hiding space where we thought we feel comfortable and safe and little did we know it’s a hell in the making.

I used to blog about anything and often times people who visited my blog sites leave some nasty comments that made me realized I am not alone and it’s not private anymore.

An acquaintance of mine got made when my nephew used her line and change it to make it look like mine. I asked for forgiveness and I do not know if I was forgiven for that incident. You see a simple things like that can easily turn to a heated back and forth nasty leave your comment but I am so thankful that it just died by itself.

And I have closed a couple of my blog sites do to some nasty comments from visitors that I do not even know. That doesn’t mean because I commented on something or someone makes me a bad person. I am blogging my thoughts and just venting things out in my own world. I am not here to humiliate or hurt anyone or anything for that matter.

I have and had change one place to another and hope that one day I will be able to find a site where I will fit in. Seems like wordpress is a good candidate where I can stay.

Reality and cyberspace are just the same. We find friends and enemies along the way and no matter how we say things in the right way people or someone still gets offended by it. No matter how we make ourselves invisible, google will always be there to help around.

Sometimes cyberspace is a lot worst than reality. Makes me wanna think of what I should post and I how should I post them. I have deleted a lot of comments and consider them as a SPAM.

Hope we learned our lessons and be extra careful of what we post here in the cyberspace.

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