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Monday, November 26, 2007


He called as soon as he got off from work. First was a missed call and then he called again and I picked up the phone. There he was on the other line sound so tired but excited as well. He asked me if I am available around 8:30 A.M. and I asked why? what’s up? and then he replied nothing much just wanted to asked you if you are available to have some coffee and get some breakfast.

I panic and malice creep up on me and I just said, “Sorry, maybe some other time. I got tons of work to do and needs to be finished.” He sounded upset and just said, “Ok see you later today then.”

He came by after we hanged up and instead brought some breakfast and had it to go. Just finish our breakfast and off he went somewhere. He asked if I can go with him and as much I wanted too I just said, didn’t I mention it to you earlier that I got tons of work to do and needs to be finished. Ok then. I’ll see you later, tonight then or when I get back, ok? I just replied, whatever with a smile.

Kiss him goodbye and off he went. He texted me and asked if dinner would be ok? I still haven’t answered him…… Nothing wrong with him or me we are just friends and nothing more but I got a crush on him. Don’t get me wrong he is one nice gentleman and I know he is not stupid to ruin our beautiful friendship with something that he shouldn’t be doing.

Should I go or should I just declined again?

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Anonymous Mai berkata...

Why declined? You should have just go as friends.

6:22 PM  

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