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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Paper, Inks and Metals

A simple piece of paper is very important to me for in this paper my name was written. It became a legal document that made me his wife. My name was written in ink and signature of binding our love together. A gold metal ring which symbolizes our union, our hearts into one and we are now man and wife. It’s official we are married!!!

We made a promised to have and to hold and a family that grew and blossom to two beautiful children. We nurtured and took good care of them that today they bring such pleasures to us, their parents.

Pieces of papers with their names written on it. Awards after an awards which they earned and studied really hard to have. Medals of metals of being in the Principals honor roll. I am so flattered and honor to have raised two beautiful human beings who continue to strive hard to make their future a brighter one.

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