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Sunday, November 11, 2007


The weekend are here while others are busy with a lot of things. My family are busy trying to fit everybody’s busy schedule to everybody’s schedule, if you know what I mean.

Right after hubby got home from work, we all decided to eat out at a nearby dimsum restaurant. But my only son wasn’t around for he got some basketball tryout to attend and the funny thing is he doesn’t want us to be there. He is definitely growing into a young man.

Only the three of us went out to eat, went back home, went to the mall and run some errands and back home again and got some rest.

Went to Starbuck’s and just kicking back while talking about the holidays to come and what’s going to happen. Slept a little bit late than usual and got up early the next day.

We grab a late brunch and headed out to Ikea in Burbank and got what we needed. Went home and tried to cleaned up, arranged, organized and make our new pad a home where we all can stretched out and be comfortable.

Tomorrow kids got new school for it’s Veteran’s Day. Well, got to hit the sack and see you all tomorrow.

Take care and hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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