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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yesterday the wine tasting at San Antonio Winery was a success and since we came for some simple yet good wine, that’s what we got.

It was called Primadonna 10 -12 years ago according to Steve, an older gentleman who came too our rescue. When you get the chance to visit the San Antonio Winery website he is the oldest in the picture. He was so helpful and poured a lot of wine on each of our glasses. The sign says limit three wine per customer but we had six wine samples for that day and each one of us had a blast.

We got 12 bottles of wine of Moscati D’ Asti formerly known as Primadonna and Stella Rosa. And will be going back for more this coming weekend.

We finished two bottles last night while playing Mahjongg as it was so good and hard to passed the offer.

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Blogger LAUREDILIAN berkata...

hello :)

i changed my URL :D

if your still interested, that is =P

take care! :)


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Anonymous Carmela berkata...

Will surely update it and will be visiting you soon.... Take care!!!

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