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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Something New

When his Mom was 3 months pregnant I was the second person to know and the only person to be given the go signal to tell our parents and relatives and I even called it to be a boy. My sister and I planned and gave the baby shower and is one of the godparents. All though out his existence I was there.

From the tummy to being delivered up to his baby shower and birthdays, Tita Anna is by his side. And even some former classmates thought that he was my third child. Two is enough for me but won't mind having a third one.
Every since his birth he is like the new addition to our family, that didn't came out of me...... :P the something new that came at the right time. He is a pleasure to be with and what chaos and laughter when is at our place, most of the time.... :)

He is like my third child. Wherever I go surely he is with me and doesn't want go home to their place. The funny thing about him is that we are so close that he gets confused who is Mom is.... :)

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