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Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye 2007!

In a few hours from now we will all be welcoming another year and hoping that 2008 will bring new luck and more blessings to all of us.

What's in store for all of us in the year of the rat? Let's us just hope for the best and make 2008 another good year.

As I am blogging this. Hubby's co-workers/poker buddies are starting to arrive why I am taking a break from the kitchen. My in laws will be ringing the New Year with us and the house is starting to get too crowded and full.

Everybody is welcome and no plans that it's going to be this busy and full. I just hope the food will be enough for everybody.

As we say Goodbye to 2007 , let's say goodbye also to the bad ones and let 2008 start right with lotsa good ones to share.


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