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Monday, December 31, 2007


When we hear of the word "Fraternity", it means trouble and to others it means brotherhood, kapamilya, katapangan and a whole lot more. In highschool fraternity or joining a fraternity means a whole different thing at that of time. I was recruited over and over again but for me joining a fraternity would mean nothing and so in short I didn't even bother to join but instead I help recruited new members for each fraternity who needs a new one.

Over the years who would know that my life will evolved again through Fraternity again. My parents are fraternity members of Beta Sigma and Sigma Beta. A fraternity formed and grew with a different kind of view in life. Through this fraternity I get to be spoiled and pampered a little bit.

They got tons of activities lined up and a whole lot of mission to accomplished. For one they are involved in the Gawad Kalinga project and some medical missions in Philippines. Even if they are far from their homeland, Philippines they make sure that they know when, where, who and how to help out.

I am so proud to be an original Betan Baby. I am so proud of all the things that they have accomplished and continue to plan in the future. My side of the family has been involved with a lot of their gatherings and happenings as well. Feels we are one of them.

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