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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bitchy Bowl

As the weekend comes to an end. We had a lot of things to accomplished and hopefully talking will be done in a nice way. All I asked for hubby to be with us during Sunday's mass and after that whatever he wants to do. And I always says "YES" to poker night may it be Friday or other days of the week. And I was in high spirit when I slept that Saturday for he told me he will try to make attend the Sunday Mass and I should have not let my hopes soar so high cause I know it will not happen.

And indeed it didn't and since we got some visitors at our pad, I just acted as if I am fine but deep inside of me I want to erupt and mad as hell. But what's done is done and so when we had our chance to be alone I told him of how I felt that he didn't commit and stood by his words and all I was asking was Sunday and an hour with God. He felt bad and he will try not to do it again or better yet never make a promise.

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