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Monday, January 21, 2008

Crazy Woman

Martin Luther King Day and the kids are home with me. All went well and our days went by. We had a whole lot of fun watching movies, reading books, doing some craft works and playing.

This crazy woman seems like she just wants to put a blame on me for something that I didn't even do nor anyone of us even did. It was an accident and she is treating or giving us the cold shoulder and as if I am bothered.... Hell No!!!!

Honestly I do not give a thing of her to be cold on or whatsoever. I am bitching of blaming others of something that you cannot even prove and wasn't intended too. So, I told her that back off and maybe spend time watching over him and you might learn a thing or two of how a kid can move from one place to another or better yet how he gets hurt just by himself. Stand be one!!! (If you know what I mean.)

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